Annual rides include:


"First to Ride" January 1st of every year. Not a long ride but a great way to start the year. This ride is more of a potluck than a ride, but it gives us a chance to say we did it. There is usually plenty of food after the ride, so come with something to eat and an appetite. We also made patches and little year rockers can be added to commemorate whichever year you joined us or another ride.


"Frosty Buns" is an early spring ride we often join. It often starts here and and ends at Curley's Junction.


Great to go to Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show and Sale. This is a large event that usually takes place in the middle of march at the Spokane Fair Grounds. You may find

good deals on parts and appearal that you have been looking for, or maybe even that new bike that you have been wanting.


"Ride for Life" We have been a sponsor in the past and this is often one of the sarting points in a ride to raise money for cancer paitients. This is typically a July ride and you can definitely check out facebook or call us or Curly's Tevern for details. Tickets sold here on the day of the Ride.


"Sturgis" This one is pretty self explainitory. It takes place the first week of August. We promote Sturgis and love meeting travellers going there and back home. Typically this is our busiest time of the year so please book appointments as far in advance as possible. We want to help all we can. 


"Bonneville Race" We sponsor the Balls Out Racing team and the Bonneville Salt Flat Bike #77 Owned by John Yeats. This race takes place the last weekend of August. See our Bonneville Bike or look up Balls Out Racing on Facebook for more details.


We are often a starting location for other rides and events. Check back freequently if you are looking for an event to participate in or some people to ride with.