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Picture of Crew: From left to right: John Yeats, Balls Out Racing and owner of the Bonneville Salt Flat Racing bike #77, Lucky Lawrence-Owner of Lawrence's Motorcycles, Issac Lebrun-Mechanic, Greg Raschke-Parts, Theresa Dittman-Former Employee, Bob Spencer-Parts, and Casey Brackett-Manager and Mechanic. 


Lucky Lawrence is the owner and Founder of Lawrence's Motorycles. He has over 47 years experience since he started working for Harley Davidson of Yuba City, California in 1969. In the 1970's he worked for Harley Davidson: Fairfield Cycle in Fairfield, California.  He went to the Harley Davidson factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for specialized training in 1978. He knows Shovelheads, Panheads, and Knuckleheads very well. He has done many restorations and has a large supply of old parts. Lucky purchased a dyno in 1996. He and his son Scott then took a dyno tuning class from Mark Dobbeck of Dyno Jet. Since then, Isaac and Casey have been trained in dyno tuning and performance by North Idaho College and by Lucky himself. In 2009 Lawrence's became a S&S Pro Tuning and Performance Center. We are also a gold dealer for S&S. He is a member of ABATE of North Idaho and promotes the Idaho Star Program as well.


Trish Lawrence is the co-owner, who grew up with Harley's herself. Lucky and Trish met when they were 15 years old at the Redwood Tour in Napa California and have been riding motorcycles together since then. She does bookkeeping and is quite familiar with Harleys and the showroom products. Do not hesitate to ask her anything and your question will get answered one way or another fast. She is a member of Abate of North Idaho and promotes the Idaho Star Program as well.


Scott Lawrence (not pictured) is the owner's son and a part time mechanic. He has about 30 years of experience learing most of his skills form Lucky. He is currently pursuing his interest in the medical field and still works here occasionally in the summer. He has been working in the shop since he was 16 and has done many restorations and performance upgrades himself. 


Casey Brackett is Lead mechanic, Shop Manager/Foreman. He has an Associate of Science in General Business from College of Southern Idaho and was a top student when he received his mechanical certificate from North Idaho College for their Outdoor Power/Recreational Vechicle program in 2011. While in the program, he took extra time to learn all he could about Dyno tuning and Harley's from his instructor who recommended him to Lucky. Casey has came much farther than book learning in the past 5 years. He started mechanicing in 4H when 12 years old with some help from his father. Customers have come to respect his young years through the quality work he provides. He is quite knowledgeable on the new fuel-injected bikes, performance upgrades, dyno-tuning and has done quite a bit working on the old bikes as well. He promotes the Idaho Star Program.


Isaac LeBraun is a top notch mechanic who says he discovered his mechanicing talent on accident when he got his first truck at the age of 14 and had to make it run. He has the insatiable desire to solve problems and know how things work which led him to North Idaho college's Outdoor Power/Recreational Vehichle program. He was chosen from the class to begin working at Lawrence's Motorcycles even before he graduated in 2009. He has worked here since that time gathering much experience from all mechanics and bike problems he has encountered. He continued to work with the instructor at NIC to mentor upcoming mechanics and recommended Casey to Lucky in 2011. He temporarly moved to California where he continued to wrench on the side, a task he says that truly increased his experience as he had to figure out each issue by himself. He returned in 2015 as he is truly valued not only for his skills in the shop, but a great co-worker as well. He packed up his family and is back doing great work at a job he always loved. He continues to work with NIC's program as a lab assistant inspiring upcoming mechanics. 


Greg Raschke came here in 2015 and started work in the parts department. He is the Executive Officer of the local chapter (CVMA 13-1) of the Combat Veteran's Motorcycle Association and a proud Vietnam Veteran of the United States Navy. He started tinkering on motorcycles back in 1966 with his first bike and has been riding ever since. In 1970 he was a US Navy Seabee construction mechanic. After he retired from the NAVY he worked as an automotve mechanic from 1972-1997. Greg helped make ABATE history joining in 1989 and serving as officer at both the state and local level until 2004. He gained more detailed experience tinkering on bikes as he built his shovelhead "Babe" from the ground up in 1995. He has always maintained and serviced his own bikes. After retiring from a local golf course he now works here to persue his interest in motorcycles.


Bob Spencer is the parts manager. He and Lucky have known each other since Bob was 15. They went to school in Vallejo, CA together. Lucky moved to Idaho in 1980. Bob later followed after retiring from his job in California. Since then he has become the parts manager and IT man.


"Lizzy" and "Quigley" are the shop mascots, door greeters. They are Cavalier King Charles Spanials and biologically brother and sister from different litters.